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Netwise-Praksis is not simply a place to work on challenging web development and technology solutions for interesting clients, but also an environment in which to grow personally and professionally.

Netwise-Praksis is made up of a group of smart, talented individuals who ultimately form friendships with each other, not just working relationships. We have deep respect for each other's unique talents and perspectives. We as a company are dedicated to helping each person accomplish their goals and discover their own voices.

The full effect of our spirit is evident once someone joins our team. As our very name - Netwise-Praksis - suggests, this is an organization built around the smartest way to develop a web-based business solution.

From client solutions teams to cappuccino-making teams, we bring our skills to the table and draw our energy from those around us here. And when we put that energy to work, we are not afraid to try something new, both for our clients and for ourselves. After all, it is the constant state of learning and growing that makes us - and our work - better.

At Netwise-Praksis, we consistently seek smart and talented individuals for a variety of positions. We are not simply looking for a particular skills set, we are looking for dynamic, creative individuals to produce the industry's most compelling web experiences and solutions.

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