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Netwise-Praksis partners with world-class technology companies large and small to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

Since its founding in 1994, Netwise-Praksis has teamed up with a range of leading companies to deliver the best web development and technology solutions for our clients in Turkey, Europe and the US. Our partners include Microsoft, Grey Interactive, Cyberlab, Comnet, Siemens, GarantiNet and Superonline.

Cisco IQ Partnership

Netwise-Praksis was certified as a Cisco IQ Partner in 2002. Within this partnership, Netwise-Praksis provides e-consultancy and development services as a part of Cisco's e-transformation projects implemented in the public and private sectors.

Logo Business Solutions (LBS)

Netwise-Praksis is a partner of Logo Business Solutions, one of Turkey's largest independent software companies, and is thereby able to deliver tailor-made solutions to its clients through integrating LBS's Gold Family and Unity ERP solutions.

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