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Case Studies

Since 1994, Netwise-Praksis has developed a track record of web development and technology solutions to a range of clients, some of which we have documented in the form of Case Studies.

Please read the Case Studies below to see a more in-depth cross-section of our work.

Note: More Case Studies are coming soon!

Zoom Download Case Study


The corporate web site of Yapi Kredi, one of the Turkey's largest and most prestigious banks.

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KOBILINE (287 kb)

A comprehensive business community portal targeting small to medium sized companies, with extensive database integration and interactive tools.

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E-LUPO (294 kb)

An Internet-only auto retail site with an integrated stock and order management system developed exclusively for Volkswagen Lupo.

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A sophisticated financial portal integrating a document and content management system, a customer and user database, and a virtual portfolio management feature.

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LET'S GO TURKEY (448 kb)

A comprehensive tourism and reservation portal targeting foreign travelers visiting Turkey.

You can download a PDF copy of each of the case studies. In order to print the downloaded files, you are going to need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0+. If this program is not installed in your computer, you can download it from here.

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