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Netwise-Praksis works on a long-term basis on the corporate web site for the construction holding group, Yapi Merkezi. The site targets professionals of the construction industry as well as companies and partners worldwide. It provides detailed information about the company's products and services. The information architecture and navigation is carefully designed and optimized as the Yapi Merkezi’s needs evolve over time.

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Netwise-Praksis developed a web site that reflects the corporate identity and customer requirements of the Maya Group. Maya Group consists of several firms, with activities ranging from manufacturing to services sectors such as pharmaceutical production, real estate investment, construction, and tourism.

Netwise-Praksis successfully blended this diversity within a well-conceived web design reflecting both the Group's corporate identity and marketing activities. The site also includes a sub-site dedicated to Mayadrom, an exclusive shopping mall situated in the heart of Istanbul. Although the design of this sub-site is crafted in lieu of the original design of Maya web site, it has its own unique design and navigational features.



Netwise-Praksis developed a marketing site for Alkent Istanbul, an ambitious housing project targeting upper income clientele. The site encompasses the spirit, life style and activities of the Alkent complex. Visually compelling and interactive presentations of the Alkent campus, the individual houses, and recreational areas were achieved by employing Flash animations and realistic 3D imaging with IPIX technology.



Netwise-Praksis developed a web site to promote a prospective shopping and recreational center, Konak Pier in Izmir. The main aim of the web site was to generate awareness among the public about Konak Pier and highlight its promotional activities during the construction and renovation phases.

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