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Netwise-Praksis launched the new web site of . Netwise-Praksis launched the new web site of Yarsuvat & Yarsuvat Law Firm Firm. The new web site was developed in English as most of the firm’s clients are multinationals that engage in business in Turkey. All of the web pages are also in PDF format to facilitate printing. The firm’s web site includes extensive information on the Turkish legal system and additional reference sources.

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Satko is a major information and telecommunications infrastructure company that has operated in Turkey since 1994. Netwise-Praksis developed a new web site for the firm and also provided consulting on its web and interactive communications strategy.

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Netwise-Praksis designed the web presence of the Koç Information Technologies Group, a strategic business unit that assembles all of Koç Holding Group’s IT and communications companies under one roof. This new organizational structure enables Koç Holding to provide a full range of solutions to the needs of its customers in the field of IT with a one-stop-shopping concept.

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Netwise-Praksis completed the design and development of the corporate web site for ProCon GfK, a leading marketing research company in Turkey. The site highlights the Company’s methods, services and products that are necessary to shape corporate marketing strategies. Since the site is so information-rich, the information architecture and navigational design were developed to allow the user to be able to reach specific content with minimum number of clicks.



McKinsey & Company, the preeminent global management consulting company, commissioned Netwise-Praksis to develop a web site for its Turkey-based office. The site targets a specific user profile, namely distinguished new graduates who want to join the firm. Therefore, Netwise-Praksis developed a new design for the company, which answers the needs of prospective job applicants and reflects the long-term good standing of the firm in Turkey and worldwide.

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Tekadres is one of the major online recruitment businesses in Turkey. Netwise-Praksis redesigned the "Career and Life" section of the web site to overcome the usability problems of the previous design. Since this part of the site was very information and content-rich, it was designed as a sub-site, which has its own information and interaction design characteristics.

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Netwise-Praksis developed Profil's corporate web site and online communications strategy. Profil International is a pioneer company in human resources management consultancy in Turkey, specializing in executive level recruitment. Netwise-Praksis helped Profil translate its marketing strategy to the Internet and to use the web as a new recruitment tool.

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