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Netwise-Praksis completed all content and web development for a new youth banking portal for Akbank, one of Turkey’s largest banks. The web site has a variety of personalization tools for a customized user experience. An extensible content management system, allowing for fast and efficient content updates throughout the site, and a sophisticated Membership System, are included in the portal.

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Netwise-Praksis developed Ram Dis Ticaret’s new web site. Global offices and affiliate contact information is displayed on the homepage with an interactive map. The new site contains not only corporate information but also foreign trade regulations. A content management system supports the News section. Ram’s website was developed in two languages, English and Turkish.



Koç Portfolio Management launched its first web site with the assistance of Netwise-Praksis. The web site includes not only corporate information but also a detailed Financial Planning Center with online surveys that are designed to help users with their investment decisions.

A tool that allows users to display historic and current prices, compare funds and generate graphs supports the Investment Funds section. Another tool allows users to graphically compare Type A, Type B and retirement funds within a given time frame.

A content management system supports the Koç Portfolio in the News, Our Recommendations and Market View modules as well as the Press Room and Presentations sections. Netwise-Praksis also designed the corporate identity and contributed to the content development.

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Netwise-Praksis developed Yapi Kredi Emeklilik’s new web site. The new site introduces the Company’s corporate identity, consumer products and services and enables Personal Retirement Policy holders to access and view their policies online. Yapi Kredi Emeklilik’s personal retirement brand Akilli Adim (Smart Person) concept was emphasized throughout the site. The new site also features educational information on the Personal Retirement System that has just begun in Turkey.

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Koç Securities is a leading brokerage firm in Turkey. The company selected Netwise-Praksis for the redesign of its web site. (The Company's previous website was also built by Netwise-Praksis in 2001.) The new site reflects the new corporate identity of Koç Securities, and provides a detailed cross-section of the Company's products and services, including research reports and analysis intended for client usage.

Only clients of the firm can access the Koç Analyst section of the site, which features a comprehensive Online Tour for new users. Koç Analyst was also modified to reflect the new corporate identity and accommodate more user needs.

The new site for Koç Securities features press clippings and an e-bulletin section. Netwise-Praksis developed a database-driven press clippings module for Koç Securities, which expedites updates and minimizes errors.



Yapi Kredi, a leading Turkish bank which is a pioneer in merging technology and banking, commissioned Netwise-Praksis to redesign and restructure its Internet banking web site Teleweb into a full-service financial portal.

The web solution was designed in such a way that the site will no longer be merely a gateway to Internet banking applications, but will also provide financial and life-style related information Yapi Kredi's customers and site visitors. The new site enables the Bank’s customers to get extensive financial information and advice in addition to conducting banking transactions online. Teleweb also includes content on cultural events and cultural news.

Netwise-Praksis has a long-term relationship with Yapi Kredi. Prior to the Teleweb solution, we recently completed the Bank’s new corporate web site.

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Netwise-Praksis redesigned and launched Koç Allianz Insurance's web site. The site reflects both the international corporate culture of Allianz and the vision for its Turkish activities.
During the design process, one of the most important criteria was to conform to the global web site design and development standards of Allianz Group while adapting these to the local preferences.

The Koç Allianz Insurance web site offers information about life, household, auto and travel insurance, and other personal financial packages such as health coverage, family coverage and pensions products. The dual navigation structure and supporting drop-down menus increase the usability of the site.

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Yapi Kredi, a leading Turkish bank and a pioneer in technology usage, retained Netwise-Praksis to redesign and restructure its corporate web site. Netwise-Praksis provided web consultancy services, redesigned the information architecture and developed site in Turkish and English versions.

Please check our Case Studies section for details of this solution.

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Netwise-Praksis worked with Iktisat Securities to develop a comprehensive financial portal under a new brand name. The main aim of the new site is to attract the attention of investors and convert them to customers of Iktisat Securities.

Borsadirekt.com was recently selected by a leading business magazine, Power, as the best financial portal in Turkey.

Please check our Case Studies section for details of this solution.



BNP-AK-Dresdner was established as a joint venture commercial bank in Istanbul by Banque Nationale de Paris, Akbank and Dresdner Bank. Netwise-Praksis worked with the Bank to develop its corporate web site. The site communicates the Bank's corporate identity to the Turkish users and explains its services and principles.



Netwise-Praksis developed the web design and various applications for the local site of Mastercard. Technical consulting on design optimization, navigation and animations were provided to Europay International during the design process. The design concept was developed by Ajans Ultra and the site was completed by Netwise-Praksis.



Netwise-Praksis developed the web site of Volkswagen Dogus Tüketici Finansmani A.S. The Company provides financing for vehicles under the Volkswagen, Audi, Seat Volkswagen and Skoda brands to consumers.

Netwise-Praksis developed sub-sites for each of these brands, under the name of Audi Finans, Seat Finans, Skoda Finans and Volkswagen Finans.



Netwise-Praksis has developed a web site for Eczacibasi Securities that reflects the Company's working practices and targets its customer base. Netwise-Praksis provided Eczacibasi Securities with several web solutions between 1998-2000.

Netwise-Praksis addressed the navigational and usability issues of the Company's existing site and repurposed the content for the needs of both Turkish and foreign investors. Then, we provided consultancy services and developed a user management database and a content management system that consolidates all the financial reports, news and data. The financial data and information coming from third parties was also integrated into the system.



Korfezbank commissioned Netwise-Praksis to redesign its corporate web site to more accurately represent the Bank's corporate identity and image.



Netwise-Praksis designed the corporate web site of Demir Securities and developed an application for the Company that compares and graphically displays the earnings of various investment options on a timely basis. The site features an integrated document and content management system to store, search and retrieve the financial reports and information, also developed by Netwise-Praksis.



Netwise-Praksis developed the first corporate web site of Bank Ekspres. The site was designed to highlight the Bank's well-defined corporate identity. The site also presented detailed information of the Bank’s services to its clients.



Netwise-Praksis developed the first web site for Ata Securities. The site included corporate information, transactions and research reports.



Sümerbank commissioned Netwise-Praksis to develop its corporate web site to communicate its products and services to its clientele. This solution was one of the earliest by Netwise-Praksis.

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Istanbul Stock Exchange's web site was developed by Netwise-Praksis. It was one of the first and most extensive financial web sites in Turkey, and was planned as a resource and reference point for both the Turkish financial community and foreign investors.

The main challenge of this project was to collect, organize and convert the very rich financial content into an easily usable format on the Internet. This was especially critical since the solution was completed at a very early stage in the development of Turkish Internet.

After a number of years, the site is still in use, meeting the needs of Turkey’s financial community.

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