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Netwise-Praksis developed Demko’s new web site. A database driven content management system was also deployed on the site. We added content on the nutritional aspects of Demko products and tomatoes in general. Recipes and a contest for kids were integrated into the new Demko site, which features an e-bulletin sent periodically to business partners and consumers in Turkey and abroad.



Netwise-Praksis completed the design and development of Sony Turkey's corporate web site. The site was designed in accordance with the home electronics company's worldwide corporate image while taking into consideration the preferences of Turkish customers. Netwise-Praksis also programmed two databases for the use of authorized Sony resellers and technical service providers and integrated these into the site.

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Kilim.com is a complete resource and marketplace dedicated to kilims, rugs, carpets and rare textiles aiming to serve all the myriad devoted admirers of the kilim, its connoisseurs and collectors. Netwise-Praksis developed a lively, exciting site design, as colorful as the kilims themselves for the e-commerce site.

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The E-Lupo project was the first and one of the largest projects of its kind in Turkey. A new car to the Turkish market, Volkswagen Lupo was sold only through the Internet, bypassing all traditional sales channels.

Netwise-Praksis developed a web site and the necessary e-commerce infrastructure for Dogus Automotive, the Turkish distributor of Volkswagen.

Please check our Case Studies section for details of this project.



Netwise-Praksis completed the navigation and design of the Zakki B2C e-commerce site. Zakki was one of the top e-retailers in Turkey with a growing customer base and extensive product offering. The site offered price based search functions and personalization as well as an online gift center and the ability to monitor shipping information. Site users were able to browse virtual aisles in a large number of product categories.



Beko is one of the top durables and home electronics manufacturing companies in Turkey. It has a full range of white and brown goods in its product portfolio. Netwise-Praksis developed a comprehensive web site incorporating a product catalog database and a creative design. Online users can execute a detailed search by product categories and names. Moreover, photographs and product information are displayed dynamically from the database.

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Netwise-Praksis developed a marketing site for a single product, Quake Alert, an early warning system for earthquakes.



Netwise-Praksis developed the local web site of Toys 'R' Us, the worldwide toy retailer. The site aimed to give basic information about the Company's history, store locations, customer relations policies and contact details, while appealing to children with its colorful design.



Netwise-Praksis developed the new web site for Turk Henkel. The greatest challenge of this solution was development of an original design that reflected the local corporate image of Turk Henkel on the web without completely differentiating it from the existing corporate identity of the Henkel headquarters abroad.

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