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ITS International Travel Services

Netwise-Praksis developed the first web site for ITS Tourism, a sector leader. Ground Handling, Destination Management and Shipping Services were represented with different color codes to enable easy navigation. A flash animation was integrated into the home page.

A content management system was developed and administration pages were created for easy updating. Password protected pages were developed for business partners so they might access restricted, non-public information online. Company specific information was also defined within the system and accessible only by means of an assigned password.

The Info Key section, which gives information about historic sites, is also supported by a content management system. An e-newsletter module, which allows for the sending of segmented newsletters, was also introduced.

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Netwise-Praksis completed Popular Tours in Turkey, the web site of the prestigious tour operator, ITS. Netwise-Praksis plotted the firm's web strategy, designed the logo and developed the web site. In addition, we programmed the product and sales infrastructure.

The site deserves particular attention due to the richness of its content and functionalities, especially the Travel Tips and Distances and Climate sections. Furthermore, a lean programming infrastructure was developed to present the large number of high quality photographs showing the details of each tour.

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AegeanWorld.com is a tourism portal targeting international travelers visiting both sides of the Aegean Sea. The portal is a venture of Netwise-Praksis. The site offers the user both reservations opportunities and high quality content about Turkish and Greek tourist destinations in and around the Aegean.

The site design and navigation structure of AegeanWorld.com help users to find what they want to know about their trip to Aegean Sea tourist destinations and to make their holiday arrangements. The site design reflects the astonishing beauty of the region.

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Let's Go Turkey is a comprehensive tourism portal targeting foreign tourists coming to Turkey. Netwise-Praksis developed a site design and navigation structure that helps users to find what they want to know about their trip to Turkey and to make their holiday arrangements. The site includes hotel and tour reservations applications, a custom trip monitor, shopping and forum sections and e-card features.

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VisualTurkey.com exhibits the visual beauty of Turkey by utilizing 360 degree, IPIX technology. This end-to-end dynamic imaging infrastructure is used to capture, process, host and distribute rich visual media from all over the country such as tourist destinations, cultural events and city attractions. Netwise-Praksis developed the entire site.

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Netwise-Praksis designed and implemented a marketing web site for the Polka Country Hotel, complete with detailed information about the hotel such as reservations and location specifics.

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The Guide is a travel magazine targeting tourists coming to Turkey and foreigners living in Turkey. Netwise-Praksis developed The Guide’s web site to reflect the magazine's identity.

Netwise-Praksis developed an array of searchable databases that catalog the details of hotels, restaurants and other useful travel information. We also prepared the administrative forms that are used by the site owners to update site content.

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