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Our Clients

Netwise-Praksis has helped a wide range of clients achieve real business results using web and technology solutions.

Since 1994, Netwise-Praksis has worked tirelessly to develop world-class web and technology solutions for organizations ranging from start-ups to multinationals in Europe and the US. Our customer-focused approach to strategy and solutions development has attracted clients from an array of industries and sectors, from financial services to real estate; retail to tourism; manufacturing to the arts.

Koc Allianz, Mastercard International, Akbank, Volkswagen, Toys R Us, Beko, Turk Henkel, and the Istanbul Stock Exchange are but a few of our clients.

Netwise-Praksis strives to improve productivity, enhance customer loyalty and achieve bottom-line results for our clients. We firmly believe that our success is defined only by the success of our clients.

Here you will find a partial listing of our clients arranged by sector. To read the details of each solution, please check the Client List section. In addition, you can discover the challenges of some of the more complex issues we helped our clients to address by referring to the Case Studies section.

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