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Web Strategy

Netwise-Praksis assists clients in developing and implementing a smart web strategy.

Effective interactive, or web, strategy should not be developed in a vacuum. It needs to complement an organization's offline strategies and must consider factors both internal (e.g. organizational structure, existing business processes) and external (e.g. competition, regulatory issues). A web initiative might even spur wholesale changes in a company's business practices, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.

At Netwise-Praksis, we put together a cross-functional solutions team to examine all aspects of our client's business to provide sound strategic guidance to develop and implement the most effective web solution. From performing online market analysis to strategic website planning to interactive marketing initiatives, we work to cover all the bases on the web while fully considering a company's offline activities.

We develop successful web strategies for all types of organizations - multinationals and start-ups, domestic and international - and build the best online solutions for our clients.

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