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Community Building Modules


Netwise-Praksis Community Building Modules include such online community building applications as forums, online surveys and e-greetings. Since community development is an integral part of doing business online, these tools can be used by all types of web based enterprises. These applications augment site traffic as well as enhance the customer experience, therefore, increasing user/customer loyalty to the site.

Features and Benefits:

  • Forum: This standardized forum application allows for an unlimited number of users. User profile management is an key component of the application. As a necessary feature within the discussion groups, the administrator can define unwanted words or phrases which should be filtered within the messages on real time basis.
  • Online Survey / Questionnaire: The administrator can define the desired question and answer options to formulate the online survey. The answers can be monitored. There are check points within the system that prohibit a user to answer the questionnaire more than once. This functionality is very important for the survey to be able to reach reliable results.
  • E-Greeting: E-cards can be classified under various categories defined by the administrator. The user can add custom notes to the e-card he chooses and preview it before sending it to the receiver. The system sends the link of the card to the receiver since the main aim of the e-greeting functionality is to increase the traffic to the site.

Technical Properties:

Database: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle
Middle Layer: Microsoft ASP.NET
Operating System: Windows 2000/2003 Server, IIS 5.0

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