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NetwiseCommerce enables businesses to conduct retail transactions online -- easily, securely and efficiently.

NetwiseCommerce is composed of modules which are extensible and scalable applications that can be quickly customized according to a business’s particular requirements and needs. The application can be integrated with any desired payment system, using any currency or bundle thereof. It is also suitable for use in any language or sets of languages.

NetwiseCommerce is independent from any one sector or industry. An unlimited number of product categories or types can be defined within the system.

Features and Benefits

  • User Profile Management: The User Profile Management module is a reusable, feature-rich and scalable component for managing customer information and facilitating customer interactions in an efficient and secure manner.
  • Notification Management: The Notification Management module sends product information, news items or announcements to clients whenever a pre-defined event occurs or at regularly scheduled intervals.
  • Account and Billing Management: Different pricing and billing options are available such as credit invoicing for corporate customers and credit card payments for one-time users. All these features can be easily configured through the Server Administration web interface - no programming or scripting is required. Furthermore, transaction records can be interfaced to existing billing systems for invoicing corporate customers.
  • Tracking and Analysis Management: The Tracking and Analysis Management module collects information about how clients are accessing and analyzing their inventory. It uses the information from the Accounting and Billing Management module, and can interface with other modules in the solution that define product data. It tracks usage at an individual user or group level. The administrator can define reports that analyze the data access and buying patterns of end users. The analysis can be used to generate cross-selling and proactive marketing opportunities.
  • Shopping Cart: The Shopping Cart module handles session-based shopping. The system administrator can define a specific amount of time to retain the shopping cart contents to enable the user access to the cart from another computer in a different session and make purchases.
  • Order Management: The Order Management module automates and streamlines the entire order life-cycle by tracking orders in real time. It allows the organization's managers, customers, trading partners and sales force to securely access sensitive order information. Authorized users can view reports by date, user, company or product. They can update the order status or assign / reassign the order to other users.
  • Product Catalog: The Product Catalog Management module maintains the catalog of products and services offered. Products can be organized into different categories and sub-categories. All users have access to a public catalog. Users can subscribe to catalogs and maintain their own private catalog. The administrator can customize the catalog for specific users.
  • Logging Management: The Logger component is capable of logging events, errors and transactions. Technical Properties

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Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle
Middle Layer: Microsoft ASP.NET
Operating System: Windows 2000/2003 Server, IIS 5.0

E-Box Office


E-Box office is a Netwise-Praksis solution that enables the sale of tickets for concerts, shows, movies and other events online. It has many of the same features as the E-Commerce Solution above such as user profile management, order management and shopping cart functionality.

Features and Benefits

  • E-Box Office allows users to choose their seats and to calculate the total payment amount.
  • Users can buy tickets for more than one show or event at one time.
  • E-Box Office is designed to prevent system crashes due to heavy load in peak usage times as when the site first goes live.

Database: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle
Middle Layer: Microsoft ASP.NET
Operating System: Windows 2000/2003 Server, IIS 5.0

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