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NetwiseHRM is an easy to deploy and manage intranet-based application. NetwiseHRM functions as a corporate job center and allows job candidates to browse and search job listings and build their CVs or resumes online. An administrative tool allows assignment of log-ins for HR and hiring managers to access job postings and interview management facilities.

Features and Benefits

  • Job Posting Management: Jobs are easily added or deleted to appropriate departments by HR and hiring managers without a need to coordinate with webmaster staff.
  • Job Requisition and Posting Management: Hiring managers can submit new job requisitions to the HR department for approval and posting to the job section of a corporate web site without any knowledge of web publishing or coordination with webmaster staff.
  • Interview Management: Hiring managers can review resumes, rate applicants and enter comments. Candidates can be placed on a scheduled-to-interview list.
  • Resume and Interview Management: Multiple individuals responsible for hiring can collaborate during the stages of resume review and interviews, with the ability to browse and add comments throughout the hiring process.
  • Administration: HR and hiring managers can log in to a private area for requisition and job-posting management and resume review.
  • User Authentication: HR and hiring managers are authenticated to log in to a private area for job posting management and resume review.

Database: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle
Middle Layer: Microsoft ASP.NET
Operating System: Windows 2000/2003 Server, IIS 5.0

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