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Netwise Message

E-Mail and SMS / Text Messaging Campaign Management System


NetwiseMessage E-Mail and SMS Campaign Management System allows you to directly access your existing or potential customers via e-mail and SMS (or text messages), and enable you to deliver information about your products and services to the right customer segment in the most speedy and cost-effective manner.

With the ability to integrate seamlessly with NetwiseCRM, NetwiseMessage offers a range of features, including but not limited to delivery of personal automatic e-bulletin and product promotion, campaign definition and arrangement of customer data and statistics required to define the aim of the campaign and to measure its results.

Using NetwiseMessage you can deliver content to your existing customers within the framework of recipient authorized marketing activities on a regular basis and to measure your customers’ behaviors regarding your products and services. Information you will obtain through NetwiseMessage will guide you in updating your products and services offering in line with changing customer preferences.

With NetwiseMessage you can forecast the success of any new service or product you intend to introduce, by collecting near immediate feedback from your target population. Reports and statistical data which support development of your marketing strategies will be automatically produced.

Thanks to its unique structure designed for different levels of use, NetwiseMessage is suitable for each type of user regarding data loading and storage, data safety, management and synchronization.

Sample of an e-mail prepared using NetwiseMessage:

Features and Benefits

Campaign Organization

NetwiseMessage can help you prepare content-rich personal e-mail and SMS / text messages, group your customers under different segments and arrange segment-oriented campaign.
Being directed by the system step by step, the user easily defines the campaign.
The campaign results will be automatically reported to the sender via e-mail and/or SMS in accordance with the preferences defined before the campaign.

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Template Management

Templates with your corporate identity can be prepared and loaded to NetwiseMessage, and can be saved and used for future campaigns. For each campaign, templates can be easily updated by entering text and images via a simple interface.

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Content Editor

Thanks to NetwiseMessage's sophisticated and easy-to-use e-mail editor (Telerik R.A.D Editor 5.52), message content can be easily arranged on any template already loaded into the system.

Design Import Module

This unique function, not included in similar systems and developed to address customer requirements, provides the loading and use of design files into NetwiseMessage as zip files, to enable the user to issue rich content in terms of design for message deliveries in HTML format.

Link Definition

Links provided in the content of e-mail message deliveries are important to measure the fields of interest and preferences of your existing or potential customers. Links representing your products and services are easily defined on the delivery template and detailed information can be entered for each link to obtain more in-depth reports.

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Definition of Connected Area

The content of special formats, such as tables, can be easily added dynamically. NetwiseMessage can communicate with existing databases to the extent permitted through the system-specific "Special Connection Area" method and transfer the latest customer data to e-mail at message delivery.

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"Special Connection Areas" can be easily used for database processing and filtering.

Using an advanced customer database system, a targeted campaign can be prepared without keeping the demographic data of the customers on NetwiseMessage.

For example, to arrange a campaign targeting male customers, accepted as "gold" status customers due to total monthly bonus earned, over 40 years of age and being member of A, B, C professional groups, you do not need to keep "monthly bonus data", "customer's importance level", "customer's age", "profession" and customer's sex" on NetwiseMessage, but rather such data can be automatically obtained from the relevant database at message delivery.

Capable of gathering tabular data (in table format) from accessible databases to the extent permitted, NetwiseMessage can transfer such tables to e-mail content within the framework of a chosen visual configuration. For example, you can automatically (using the "set for once" method) deliver a corporate statement of account, product limits, account extract, expenditures and similar data.

Timing Motor

NetwiseMessage allows for the adjustment of e-mail delivery periods; for example, a selected delivery pattern may be arranged on Monday according to the latest data and delivered then.

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Rating and Reporting

Summary reports, such as opening reports for e-mail deliveries (who has opened the message and who has not), clicking reports (statistics on clicking of links in the content), link achievement rate, campaign performance, non-subscription statistics and rebound reports (from which e-mail addresses the delivery is returned) and details of such reports can be obtained.

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Links contained in the content are defined hierarchically as general categories (e.g. dairy products) and special categories (e.g. cheese and strained cheese as sub-category) and be rated on basis of fields of interest of customer and consumers and of product and service categories.

Customer Individual Activity Report

If NetwiseMessage is integrated with NetwiseCRM, each click on links delivered within the content will be recorded on the relevant customer's Communications screen and reported separately.

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Automatic Procedure Definition on Results of the Report

Based on the results of the Campaign Delivery Report,

  • You can organize data-based focused campaigns.
  • Defective, non-used e-mail addresses and those where your e-mails are not read will be deleted, thus you will continuously have an updated and clean database of customers.

There is a wide range of procedures you can perform using the campaign summarized results:

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E-Mail Verification and Database Maintenance

E-mail addresses can be checked in terms of both syntax and its actual existence of the e-mail. Thus, you will obtain message delivery reports which will provide a cleaner customer database, clean distribution lists and more accurate customer statistical data.

Technical Statistics

Platform statistics and domain statistics on the message delivery, used by the user, will be obtained.

Database: Microsoft SQL Server
Middle Layer: Microsoft ASP.NET
Operating System: Windows 2000, 2003

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